Friday, May 25, 2012

Heartland Youthoria 21-27 May 2012

The CG participated in the above events during the week. We conducted a workshop for 40 students at the HDB HUB. The workshop involved hands-on-session in making an Eco-bottle for an indoor garden. We taught the students step-by-step in recycling a 1.5 litre pet bottle into an anti-mosquito pot for planting in water. Below is the end result ..... I must say it's a pretty pot using the water gel babies, colorful marbles and charming ribbons for decoration.

During the week, Northland Primary came to visit the CG. The students helped in the weeding and watering of some parts of the CG, toured the garden with interesting pointers to look at, they witnessed the CG vounteers harvesting two yam plants, a huge 20 g wintermelon, a couple of turnips and tasted the CG herbal tea. Iris also demonstrated to the group how to make an anti-mosquito plant pot using a pet bottle. Noticed in some pics you can see videographers and photographers and even have a couple of reporters interviewing us and the students during the visit.

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