Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rose Patch

We had quite a number of Climber roses grown from cuttings growing big and had transplanted them outside the CG gate. Let's see how they do in that area.


Chen Junwen said...

Hi, i'm quite interested in growing rose pot in singapore and staying in hougang too. I have previously grown 1 pot of red rose just at the corridor (similar to those selling in the florist) and it is beautiful.

But it died in the end. Some of the flower bud stop blooming. And those that bloom are getting smaller in size. I tried make small cut on the stem to let it grow new branches out, but it is unsuccessful. Then one of the branch start turning black and died off i suppose. Then slowly no more bud appears and the whole plant died.

Could you teach me how to grow a rose in singapore and where can i get a pot to start with ? You can contact me at

Looking forward to your reply. Thanks.

Chawanmushi said...

Hi Junwen
Tks for visiting. U need the sun to grow them well and also cooler temperatures. Signs of your rose plant blooms getting smaller is telling U that your area maybe too hot. Your branches start to blacken means U have been watering too much or the soil is not so draining and hence the roots/stem started to rot.

U need to ask yourself if you have the right conditions to grow the rose plant at your place. If not ... it will be difficult unless U are able to get those roses that can do well with dapple shade and sunlight.This I am still exploring.

When we buy roses from the nurseries and the florist .... some roses come from Camerons. Hence ... conditions of growing differ and unless the rose plant can adapt to our weather conditions here it will surely deteriorate.

Try to get roses that can grow in our local weather. We may get smaller blooms but at least the plant can survive to give out future blooms.

Are you a member from GCS (green culture singapore )? You can learn about growing roses from there. Or from the link here ...

If you have a chance ... come on down the CG if you are staying nearby.