Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Nepenthes

In the program "I Love My Community Garden" I noticed that many students get pretty curious about the pitchers of the pitcher plants. They keep getting distracted when we conduct the sharing sessions near the hanging pots of pitcher plants. Since quite a number of them get curious over these pitchers, I usually have an informal sharing session about the pitcher plants just to get them interested about plants after their formal lessons were conducted.

The CG has only two kinds of pitcher plants .... the N.x Ventrata and the N. Miranda were donated to the CG. Since they do interest the students I decided to try to increase the collection in the CG to show to the students different kinds of pitchers in future sharing sessions in the CG.

I have some kind members of the GCS forum helping me increase the pitcher plant collection. In an exchange of plants I managed to get another 5 pitcher plants and I have two cuttings rooting too. I am thankful to have the forum which allows me to do plant exchanges with plant lovers and appreciate their generousity to help the CG through their donation of plants. Thank-you very much Lam and Butterfly Pea.

The above pic shows how the pitcher plants are grown in the CG.

N. Rafflesiana .... pretty speckled pitchers.

N. Viking X Amp.

Three pitchering ..... N. Rafflesiana 'squat' , N. Viking X Khasiana and the N. Mirabilis 'red

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