Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pink Hibiscus Bloom

This was grown from a cutting given to me by a friend. Cuttings were taken from a huge bush that's at least a story high. It took about six months before the plant has it's first bloom. It is a pretty bloom. Can't wait for the plant to grow larger to have more blooms. The bloom is not pure pink and it has some white speckles near the edges of the petals with a dark red centre.


petunialee said...

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rex said...


Flowers are so... delightful, even if I cannot smell their fragrance over a monitor screen. They inspire hope, and a better tomorrow. The best treatment for a tired soul on a lazy monday morning.

Take care fellow singaporean.

Nice to know what people are up to.


Bilboy said...


This Hibiscus is 'Pink Versicolor', an excellent, healthy and vigorous plant with medium/big pinwheeled single flowers.