Monday, September 13, 2010

A Vegetable Farm in CH

We had the chance to visit Cameron Highlands again during the September holidays.
We visited a vegetable farm in front of our hotel. Vegetables seem to grow big and juicy so easily in CH and most of the farms are covered overhead with a transparent plastic sheet to keep the rains away. Well it rains almost everyday in the evenings in CH.

Tomatoes growing this way without any branches and leaves. The branches are trimmed away and the leaves are allowed to grow at the top. This gives me an idea how to handle my tomato plants next time I grow them :-)

Spring onions are juicy here!

These are the apple melons of CH. They tasted a tad too bland in sweetness for my liking.

The farmer harvested fresh corns for us to eat raw. He sliced them thinly and gave us each a thin piece to try. I was really surprised that raw corns can taste so good .... juicy and sweet.

The farms are terraced into the slopes of the highlands. We had to climb a lot to reach the planter beds. This activity is definitely not for those with weak knees.

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Stephanie said...

Nice holiday! CH is my favourite holiday destination.

Yeah, I have eaten those raw sweet corn before. It was really sweet and nice. But of course I feel more 'normal' to eat cooked sweet corn. I love those CH pearl sweet corn a lot :-D