Thursday, August 5, 2010

Succulent Dishes

I revamped the succulent patch cos' it was growing wild and weedy. Put up these two succulent dishes for the smaller plants.

Succulent Dish 1
The pic below was taken last week and this week when I checked the dish the two Kalanchoes have disappeared. Looks like snails had a feast with the Kalanchoes. Somehow the pebbles don't seem to deter snails from crawling into the dish and they sure know what succulents to chew on. Now got to patch up that empty spot.

Succulent Dish 2
This is still intact and I put the Earth Star there to see how it does in the dish at the growing area. So far so good .....

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p3chandan said...

I prefer succulents than the thorny cactus type, cos they are better looking and have more varieties. Love your pot of succulents, looks neat..