Thursday, November 12, 2009

Smooth Luffa Fruits

From the ten luffa seedlings that I planted, five of them managed to grow into adult vines to flower and fruit for the CG. At the moment I have seven luffa fruits and four living vines cos' I discovered one vine got cut off during a grass cutting session the previous day. So I cut down the two fruits to allow the other fruits to mature better and my fellow CGer got rewarded with the two luffas :-) See the happy smile there but she got a bit shy when I took her photo again ... LOL.

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My fellow CGer was more upset then me when she discovered that one of the luffa vine got cut off and decided to help me clean the area of grass and set up a barrier to protect the luffa vine. Meanwhile the area cleaner got curious and got to observe what she was doing.

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